Terms and Conditions

1.   All customers will be required to sign and complete the Happy Dog Walkers Terms and Conditions Form.         

2.   The customer must ensure the pet is fully up to date with all vaccinations*, worming and flea treatments (* As per your vets guidance, though the following should be considered - Canine distemper, leptospirosis, Infectious canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus, Rabies, Bordatella bronchiseptica and Canine parainfluenza virus)

3.   All dogs will be walked on there leads unless a customer signs the Happy Dog Walker 'Off the Lead' consent form. Even with 'Consent' the Happy Dog Walker and dog must get to know each other before off the lead is attempted for the safety of your dog.

4.   The Happy Dog Walker is not liable for the loss of a dog, injury to the dog or damage the dog causes when walked 'Off the Lead'.

5.   In the case of an emergency, the Happy Dog Walker will make every effort to take your animal to your nominated vet. The Happy Dog Walker is not liable for any vet fees related to your animal.

6. Customers must notify the Happy Dog Walker of any changes in the animals health and behaviour.

7. The Happy Dog Walker is not responsible for pets that bite, suffer injury or loss within the customers home due to faulty, insecure or broken doors and boundary fencing.

8.   The Happy Dog Walker will use personal judgement to shorten or terminate a walk due to flooding, snow or heat wave as the dogs health and safety is of the utmost importance. If the walk is unable to take place the customer will be notified and will not be charged.

9.   If your dog gets wet or muddy, the Happy Dog Walker will towel dry your dog if towels are provided by the customer (bathing and grooming services are not provided).

10.   At any one time, no more than 5 dogs will be walked as a group. Group walking will only be conducted with customer consent.

 11.   The Happy Dog Walker will feed and water animals if requested and food is provided by the customer.

12.   The Happy Dog Walker reserves the right to withdraw all services if the animals present a danger to the Happy Dog Walker or other 3rd parties.

13.   Customers will be expected to pay weekly for the services of the Happy Dog walker.

14.   24hr notification of cancellation is requested; otherwise you will not be refunded.